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MSM765 Activation

  1. We have to get an Activation ID, which first involves extracting the Hardware-ID from your new MSM765;

NOTE: The controller Service OS CLI is available once the controller Module Status LED stays on green.


  1. To obtain the activation hardware ID:

Change to the switch CLI configuration context:



  1. Launch the Service OS CLI:

Services <slot-id> 1


  1. Obtain and record the MSM765 zl Activation Hardware ID:

Licenses hardware-id activation

The Activation Hardware ID is displayed.  VERY IMPORTANT - Record this string precisely as displayed, including the dashes.


  1. Now TEC team will then generate an ACTIVATION-ID based on HARDWARE-ID.


Installing the Activation ID

The starting point for this procedure is the Service OS CLI prompt for the controller you are activating. (Services <slot-id> 1)


  1. Install the product license key:

Licenses install activation <license key>

Where <license key> is the product license key just provided by the My Networking portal. The key must be entered precisely as received including the dashe.


  1. Boot the controller product:

boot product

The boot image is verified.


  1. At prompt:

System will be rebooted. Do you want to continue [y/n]?

Respond with "y".

The product reboots.


Now confirm the services with the below command:

SW01# services

                Installed Services

 Slot   Index Description                               Name

 B,D       1. Services zl Module                        services-module

 B,D       2. HP ProCurve MSM765 zl Int-Ctlr            msm765-application


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