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Moving config from HP 3500YL to Aruba 3810m

I have a bunch of HP 3500YL switches in production, and I am looking into replacing them with the Aruba 3810m switches.  It appears they are very similar at the terminal interface level.  I have a few VLANs, port tagging, and IP helper settings; but really no complicated configuration.


Is it possible to back up my current configuration from my HP 3500YL, and import it into the Aruba 3810m without issue?   Just curious.

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Re: Moving config from HP 3500YL to Aruba 3810m



The 3810 switch family supports all features that were included on the 3500 switch family, as well as new functionality that has been added in the interim.


You could, essentially copy a configuration from a 3500 to a 3810, though you may need to modify the configuration file header (the top two lines) before copying it to the new switch — as a general rule, a switch will reject a configuration file that was created on a different switch model. You can get the correct header text by running the 'show running-configuration' command on the 3810.


Just a bit of added detail: the 3500 and 3500yl switch models (plus the 5400, 6600, and 8200 series) run switch software from the 'K' branch; the 3810 runs KB builds (as does the 5400R series).

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