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Muilticast with 2930F's across Metro E

Hoping for some pointers on getting multicast across a Metro Ethernet connection using a 2930F on each side.


I have a VoIP paging system that needs to send multicast traffic from the VoIP VLAN at Site-A to the VoIP VLAN at Site-B, but our Metro E connection is a routed Layer 3 connection.


I assume that I can do this with PIM routing, but I am having trouble locating any examples for the 2930 that seem to fit this scenario.  Would I be better off using a VXLAN or Q-inQ to tunnel that traffic to the remote site?


I've also ran across some mentions of GRE tunnels or IGMP proxies, but it is my understanding that these wouldn't work with the 2930's


Thank you!

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