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Multicast to another VLAN

Hi there,


I just implemented a multicast server on my lab, here's the simple topology:


Multicast Server (VLAN 1) - Aruba 2930F (VLAN 1) - Sophos Firewall (VLAN 1) - Aruba 2930F (VLAN 1, VLAN 2) - Client (VLAN 2)

My problem is when i use VLAN 2 on client and stream multicast from the server, the client can't stream the video, but if i switch to vlan 1 the client can receive the video.


On each vlan i used igmp version 3.

When i check the igmp, vlan 2 already joined the multicast group but cant stream the video.

  IGMP version : 3
  Querier Address [this switch] :
  Querier Port :
  Querier UpTime : 20h 15m 54s
  Querier Expiration Time : 0h 1m 5s

  Active Group Addresses Tracking Vers Mode Uptime   Expires
  ---------------------- -------- ---- ---- -------- --------             Filter   3    EXC  0m 21s   4m 0s        Filter   3    EXC  1h 1m    3m 21s

The reference i read, to forward multicast packet to another vlan theres must be a router with a multicast route, can the 2930F do that? as i know the 2930F is a L3 switch.



Prasetyadhi R.


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Re: Multicast to another VLAN

The 2930F is a L3 switch which also support multicast-routing using PIM-SM or PIM-DM on 16 x L3 VLAN interfaces with 200 routes . Unfortunatly the manuals are missing this piece which is currently beeing looked after. Meanwhile take the 3810 "Multicast and Routing Guide".

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