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Hello i woud like to know if any SE or Aruba guy or anyone  could tell me when do you sell these small buissiness  swithces

We have been ofering only Aruba Switches for now from 2530  but we have never sold this office connect switches... as we are not sure when we can sell it  as we are afreaid it coudl give performance problems even on small networks...

I would like to know what things you look in the client company to know welli can sell them a office connect switch instead  an enterprise switch without giving them performance problems.   Sometimes these prices of these swithces would be  killer on some clients.   Sometimes for small buissiness the normal enterprise swithces are too pricy




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Office Connect

Hi Carlos,


Fully understand your question and I do agree that you always have these grey areas where both products will fit. Officonnect is really targeting small businesses (SMB) of less than 100 users. We call them networks for small growing businesses. Performance and manageability of the products are designed for these segments. Here are some common characteristics of this segment:

  • There is no IT staff. Networks are designed by "IT volunteers" or by outside consultants or partners.
  • Networks are flat. There are not multiple broadcast domains.
  • Technology needs are simple. There isn't a requirement for advanced bleeding-edge features.
  • Budgets for networking equipment are tight.


Hope this provides you some guidelines.


Regards, Dobias


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