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PVID mismatch on Aruba AP connected switch ports


PVID mismatch messages in switch logs for Aruba AP connected ports even if the untagged vlan on both the ends are the same


Switch port is configured for access Vlan 1 and the same is configured on the AP end

As soon as the AP is connected to switch port the logging buffer reports below recurring informational messages

lldp: PVID mismatch on port 40(VID 1)with peer device

            port 204c03-a801aa(VID unknown)(1)

PVID refers to the VLAN ID that will be associated with an untagged data frame received on the port.​


Neighbor details on switch under lldp information shows below for AP connected ports,



Observed PVID reflecting under lldp info remote device is zero (0) irrespective of the access vlan on the AP



Aruba CAP’s do not/ need not know the uplink VID and they do not understand/read the Vlan tagging. This behavior is by design and cannot be modified.

Due to this the switch considers its PVID to be zero irrespective of the untagged Vlan and logs PVID mismatch errors.


There is no permanent fix for the issue as it is an expected behavior and by design. As a workaround we may disable below options,

On switch side:

> Following command on the HP switch should do the trick:

lldp ignore-pvid-inconsistency

no lldp config <port> dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id​


On AP Side:

> Disable the port-vlan tlv under the ap lldp profile in the controller:

ap lldp profile "default"

dot1-tlvs port-vlan vlan-name

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