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Password Reset on 2530 LAN switch

Hello all.


I have a 2530 LAN switch that I have been working with as a test lab but for some reason my admin password is not being accepted on the CLI.


I have seen other posts about using the "password" and "forgetme!" combination, but this doesn't work for me.


How can I reset this password


Sorry for being a half-wit :-)



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Re: Password Reset on 2530 LAN switch

There should be a "clear" button on the front you can press for one second.


Deleting Passwords - When pressed by itself for at least one second, the button deletes any switch console access passwords that you may have configured. Use this feature if you have misplaced the password and need console access. This button is provided as a convenience, however if you are concerned with the security of the switch configuration and operation, you should make sure the switch is installed in a secure location. This button can be disabled by a CLI command.

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