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Port vlan configuration

I have one 1920 S switch and the IP phone is connected to port 1 of the 1920s switch and from the IP phone port, a desktop is connected via RJ-45 cable.

There are 2 vlans available in 1920s switch

vlan 1 - for data

vlan 100 - for voice


In the port 47 of 1920S switch and uplink juniper  switch is connected which is providing voice vlan and port 48 an another connection from HP switch for data.


I want this IP phone which is connected to be in vlan 100 (voice) and the desktop which is connected from IP phone, should be in vlan 1 (data).


Please let me know the port confiiguration for the scenario to work.


Port 1 - current configuration

untagged vlan 1  included

tagged vlan 100 excluded


in the current configuration, The issue is the IP phone and desktop is taking IP address from vlan 1. 


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Port vlan configuration

Send a topology of this scenario.

Does IP Phone accept vlan tag? If so, you can tag Vlan 100 on the phone and switch port.

The switch port, this is a following configuration:

Vlan 1 - untagged
Vlan 100 - tagged

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Re: Port vlan configuration

Hi, take a look at the configuration guide




pag 86: Go to VLANs > VLAN Port Configuration and set VLAN1 as untagged and VLAN 100 as tagged.

pag 87-88: Go to Switching > Auto Voice VLAN and enable it. After that you have to add the ports where voice vlan is configured. 


Voice VLAN Interface Mode Indicates how an IP phone connected to the port should send voice traffic:

· VLAN ID – Forward voice traffic in the specified voice VLAN.

· 802.1p – Tag voice traffic with the specified 802.1p priority value.

· None – Use the settings configured on the IP phone to send untagged voice traffic.

· Untagged – Send untagged voice traffic.



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