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Question about command

I have this on my primary core switch now:


spanning-tree L1 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk1 priority 4
spanning-tree bpdu-protection-timeout 300 priority 0


Now I understand the priority 4 is something which is added automatically by the switch (correct?).


I also read that you can not negate this command with a "no" statement. You would have to raise the priority from 4 to 8 if i am correct.


However, there is no hardcoded priority 0 statement on this switch. But still it's the root bridge. If i do a sh span config i see a MST switch priority of 0.


Either it's the lowest mac address, or it's the priority 0 configuration behind the bpdu protection timeout statement?


The strange thing is, i thought the bpdu protection timeout statement only says something about how long to keep a port in err-disabled state. No where in literature can i find the "priority" add on to this command.


Anyone any idea what this is about, and how to negate it?

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