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RAP Performance - HTTP great! Windows drives... well.... not so great :(

Hi forum


When I do a download speed test through my rap via a remote proxy server I get 30mbps

When I copy a file from a windows share through my rap I get about 3mpbs


I realise the increased transactions needed on windows copy and the LAN latencies, but wow! I wonderd if anyone had similar problems.. any found a solution?  :)



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Re: RAP Performance - HTTP great! Windows drives... well.... not so great :(

There are many reasons why this would be happening.  We probably need more details to help you.


Has this always been happening?

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Re: RAP Performance - HTTP great! Windows drives... well.... not so great :(

The Microsoft CIFS/SMB protocol is known for performing quite poor when running over links with more latency than a typical LAN:


http://www.networkworld.com/article/2344669/data-breach/why-cifs-and-mapi-are-poor-network-citizens.html :

CIFS runs slowly over a WAN because when a client requests a server to open, close, or read a file, CIFS breaks it into blocks and transmits the blocks sequentially rather than send the whole file,.  For example, if a client requests a 1Mb file from a remote server, CIFS breaks the file into hundreds of data blocks and sends the blocks one at a time.  The client acknowledges receipt of each block, and only after receiving the acknowledgement, does the server release the next block.  This back and forth chattiness adds unwanted seconds, or even minutes to the simple task of opening the file. 


And: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/neilcar/2004/10/26/smbcifs-performance-over-wan-links/

And: http://www.stevenjordan.net/2012/12/university-wisconsin-stout-wan-file.html


I'm not an expert on this topic, but it seems that newer client and server OS-ses should perform better; also this is the space where WAN optimizers play a role.


So first check if it is not the latency that kills you (which is likely); then try to find a solution from there...



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Re: RAP Performance - HTTP great! Windows drives... well.... not so great :(

Sadly yes.  I'll check out the VRD to make sure I haven't missed anything.


I am looking at client agent based WAN optimisation to improve CIFS/ windows shares at the moment.


After that I can take some traces, but I'd like to do that last, as it can be very time consuming.  If this was a known issue - which it sounds like it isn't then I thought I'd have a known issue.


I was hoping to get at least 25%-50% performance on windows copy across the VPN.


I am dropping the client straight into the campus core via a layer 2 bridge across GRE.  This might not be an ideal implementation, but it's the same route the internet copy takes.

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