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REST Post firmware images

Hi all,


I want to post firmware images on 6300 switches using a REST call in python. 

The example from the API guide doesn't seem to work (I think the example is still using an old API?):



The API help on the switch ( https://{switch_ip}/api/v10.04 ) doesn't really help either.


So I have some basic questions. Do I upload the firmware in the post request in binary form or do I post a link to the file, where the switch needs to download it? If it's the latter, which protocol is used for the download?


I got the idea because of the documentation:

  "file": [

It says string instead of binary file.

Did someone already upgrade their switch via API?


I tinkered a lot with the code, most of the times I get the error response 500 "Error processing the form.\n".


Here is the current code, if you are interested.





        firmware = os.path.abspath(firmware)

        params = (
            ('image', 'secondary'),

        files = {'file': open(firmware, 'rb')}

        headers = {
            'accept': '*/*',
            'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data',

        r = session_dict['s'].post(target_url, files=files, headers=headers, params=params, verify=False)







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