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RJ-45 port change...?

Hi, in order to prevent dust from collecting in non-used switch ports, I use De-Lock dust covers (Delock SKU 86176). These are rubber covers that fit in alle RJ-45 and SFP ports... except in the new Aruba branded 2530 series...?!? The port seems physically changed... there is a small blockage at the top site inside the port preventing full insertion of the dust covers. Because the covers don't fit all the way in, they fall out at the slightest touch.

Has anyone noticed this? What could be the reason for this change and doen anyone know a different dusk cover solution I can use for this series switches.RJ45-Dustcover.jpgUpdate... they also don't fit in the older 2530 series. They do fit in the old 2510, 2610, 2124 and the 1410 series switches, as well in all other non-HP network devices I have in my own rack...

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