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Redundancy in single 5400 switch

I have a single core switch 5400 and instead of 2nd (5400) redundent switch, I added second Management module in single core. How is the redundancy works in this case.


Please advise and suggest whats recommended and is it correct setup and will achieve redundancy ?


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Re: Redundancy in single 5400 switch


with command "show redundancy" you will see your status of redundancy.

Start with this document and then follow next related pages.

With two power supplys and management modules and redundant switch-modules you can build a redundant chassies. Here are more information:Frequently asked questions 5400R

I prefer two switches with VSF (virtual chassies) it works like an switchstack with max  two 5400R chassies. You need minimum 10GE for mirrorlink between chassies.

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Re: Redundancy in single 5400 switch



For optimal redundancy within a single chassis, the recommendation would be dual management modules (as you have already done) as well as two (or more, for a 12-slot chassis) power supplies connected to different circuits, so that if one circuit loses power, the switch will continue operating on the remaining supply.


For more information on 5400R redundancy features, see Appendix A of the Management and Configuration Guide for K/KA/KB.16.02 (page 692).

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