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Remove name from white listed Campus AP

Using a master local setup, our original plan was to use the campus whitelist to name APs and place them in their appropriate AP profile.  We later found it won't work that way as we still have to provision the APs after they are whitelisted. 


I now have several APs in the whitelist with hardcoded names and AP Profiles and no matter what I do I cannot seem to remove the name or AP group from the whitelist.  I have tried deleting the entry & modifying the entry on both the master and local controllers and via CLI and GUI.  What is the secret?  In other words, how do I make the APs in the red circle appear like the APs in the green circle? 


I ask because any values on the whitelist override any settings created during provisioning so it is currently not possible to rename these APs. 

AP Whitelist.jpg

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Re: Remove name from white listed Campus AP

was this ever resolved? I have a controller with one AP in the whitelist where AP-Group is set. But all the others APs have not.


How to delete the AP-Group from the whitelist entry?

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