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Removing 2530 from Central

Hi, had an issue recently where i linked two 2530s to a Central trial to see how it looks but did not realise i would lose local Manager access. Should have probably read the full documentation on Central, but i'll be honest i wasn't expecting it to lock me out of the switches.


I now want to remove the switches from Central and restore local admin access via SSH, i contacted Aruba support and they suggested simply unsubscribing them and removing them from the Central Groups however this has not worked. It looks like the switch has defaulted its local account (the config on Central was blank) and lets me in as Operator but not as Manager (or Admin). Tried multiple default passwords.


Strangely enough some of the config, like the static IP on VLAN1, is still there. 


The switches were initially also added to Activate but were removed by Support, they suggested this was somehow conflicting and stopping them from being added to Central.


Support has now suggested "removing the mgr file from the switches" but also said that this "might erase your config". At this point i'm contemplating defaulting the switches which is the very last thing i want to do on production switches.


Any ideas on how to revover access to the manager/admin account without risking a wipe of the config?