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Retrieving "local" mac-address-table in MAS?

Is there some way to retrieve only local mac-address-table entries for MAS that have multiple uplinks?


With a single uplink, I could simply " show mac-address-table | exclude <uplink-interface>".  But for redundancy we have multiple uplinks. The command line only allows one pipe. I cannot find a way to exclude more than one uplink interface from "show mac-address-table".


If this is not currently possible, could "local" be added to the "show mac-address-table" command?


I'll wait to hear if there is some solution I am missing before submitting this as a feature request.

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Re: Retrieving "local" mac-address-table in MAS?


One crude way (Assuming your uplink interfaces are  all 10-Gige   i.,e X/1/Y  format,  Example: 0/1/0,   0/1/1,   1/1/0 etc...) is that:


You can inverse your filter by stating as


show mac-address-table | include /0/


But, this would also omit any mac-addresses learnt on Port-channel interfaces






Re: Retrieving "local" mac-address-table in MAS?


In terms of a feature request, I think multiple pipe conditions is the better path. I'm trying to wrap my head around the "local" idea. Since we cannot gaurentee that customers are using the uplink ports as the uplinks, how would you define "local"? A switch could also have multiple port-channels, some for uplinks, some for APs/Servers so we would run into the same problem of assuming what is an uplink and what is not.


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Re: Retrieving "local" mac-address-table in MAS?



By "local," I have in mind a device -- laptop, desktop, server -- that is directly connected to an access port on a switch.  No intermediate network devices.


We have a situation where a MAS connects on an uplink port to a distribution switch/router as a trunk.  It would therefore be easy to "show mac | excl /1/".


But for redundancy, we have another switch connected to (usually) one /0/ port, also as trunk.  I would like to exclude both of these trunks.


Might it be possible to create something like a "show mac | excl trunk" command?

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