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Roadmap for VSF for Aruba 5406zl2 - V2 line card

Dear All,


present VSF supports only V3 line card on Aruba 5406zl2. Is there any road map to support V2 line card.

it there is a mix of V2 and V3 line card - what are the other options available to acheive redundancy.  - (We can achieve using VRRP and MSTP).


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Re: Roadmap for VSF for Aruba 5406zl2 - V2 line card

Mixing v2 and v3 cards will not work. Once you enable VSF all V2 cards will be disabled. You have multiple options depending on the requirements, level of redundancy and needs, the following:

- Distributed trunking

   - Use this when you want to have active/active LACP trunks.  Have a    good look at the restrictions before enabling/designing this. 

- Most use will be VRRP for L3 redundancy and MSTP for L2. This will also provide you possibilities to steer traffic for active/active set-ups.


Hope this is useful for you!


Regards, Dobias



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