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S1500 MAS doesn't display hostname in Airwave 8.2.5

We have a few S1500 switches in classrooms in one of our schools. Our MDF and IDFs all have S2500s. In the devices list in Airwave, the S2500s display the host name as the name of the device, but the S1500s only display the MAC address of the switch as the device name. So far, I've gone into Airwave's list of wired devices, selected one of the S1500s and then selected 'Manage'. It allows you to assign a name to the device, which I did. This was OK until Airwave polled the device again, at which point it reverted back to the MAC address as the device name. I've re-tried this several times with each of the S1500s, but they all revert to the MAC address after accepting the name change. This does not happen with the S2500s. Any ideas of what's going on? It seems like Airwave may not be polling the sysName OID on the 1500s.

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