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SNMP over IPv6

I've just set up some demo 2930F and 3810 switches, and I'm unable to get SNMP working over ipv6. (I'm running this setup ipv6 only). 


I did look into my production network of 5406 and 2620 switches, and they also did not respond via ipv6 to snmp requests. 


The ipv6 authorized managers has an option for access-method snmp, suggesting it should be present.


Am I missing something, or are the switches missing it?

Aruba Employee

Re: SNMP over IPv6



The IPv6 address which you have mentioned in the "ipv6 authorized-managers "xxxxxxxxxx" ", is it same as the ip address of the snmp-server (source) which is accessing the switch.?

It should be the same ip or it should fall under the same subnet.


I hope this helps.

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Kashif Khan

Occasional Contributor II

Re: SNMP over IPv6

Yes, the ipv6 authorized-managers is correct. I connect to the switch via ssh from the same host I try to use snmp from. The problem also occurs if I do not set the management ACL. 


== Update ==


I have additionally tested SNMP Traps, over IPv6, they work (i.e. I can see snmp-trap packets in tcpdump on a linux host over ipv6). Only the snmp polling, which is supported according to IPv6 Management Guide, and another IPv6 Guide for the WC.16.05. 


The same SNMP for IPv4 features is supported over IPv6:
• Access to a switch using SNMP version 1, version 2c, or version 3

Feels like no one actually tested it. 

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