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Searching for sample configs HPE 5510 and 5130



I‘ m searching for sample configs for HPE 5510 and 5130. Especially on how to make it compatible with Cisco Switches (trunk, native vlan, allowed vlan....). 

The 5510 Switches act as a IRF Cluster. 


It would be really nice to have templates which can be easy changed...😉




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Re: Searching for sample configs HPE 5510 and 5130


I personally don't know nothing official from HPE but two things come to mind to me and, maybe, they can help to understand Cisco IOS versus HPE Comware v5/v7 based operating system devices CLIs configuration differences, similarities and interoperability:

  1. Comware and Cisco IOS CLI Reference Guide (so one can evaluate how similar commands behave on both platforms). Reference (HPE Press cited on an Aruba Airheads thread links here): here.
  2. An HP/Cisco Switching and Routing interoperability test commissioned by HP (years ago) which became a cookbook about Cisco IOS and Comware interoperability (there are for sure examples on how VLAN/Link Aggregation were deployed on various series of HP/Cisco to demonstrate interoperability between these two brands). Reference: here (and here).

Hope these documents can help you.

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