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Sending all syslog messages



we are using a 2930f vsf stack and i want it to send all messages and logs to our ELK stack. The more the better, even a debug level. I entered the following commands: 

logging x.x.x.x
logging severity debug

The strange thing is, that i don´t see the severity line in the running config and the messages that we receive at our ELK stack are not as much as i would expect. 

We are also using port-security with a mac-address limit and we would also want to receive those messages. 


Thanks in advance


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Re: Sending all syslog messages

Do you see the logs that you want to see in the local logs on the switch? If your run: 'show log -r' you will see what is locally collected. If the logs you want to see are not in there, they are not generated.


If you want to receive debug level logs, you can turn that on (example for events debug):

sw01# debug event
sw01# debug destination
 logging               Send debug messages to syslog server.
 session               Print debug messages to terminal.
 buffer                Print debug messages to a buffer in memory.
sw01# debug destination logging

You don't see the logging severity debug in the configuration as that is the default.

sw01(config)# logging severity info
sw01# show running-config | inc sever
logging severity info
sw01(config)# logging severity debug
sw01# show running-config | inc sever
<nothing as defaults are not shown>
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