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Show interface descriptions on ArubaOS-CX in CLI



On ArubaOS-Switch, there is the command "show name" that will get you a list of all of the ports connected like a switch including their descriptions:


SW1903# show name

 Port Names

  Port  Type       Name
  ----- ---------- ------------------------------------------------------------
  1     100/1000T  SW1901 Management
  2     100/1000T  SW1902 Management
  3     100/1000T  ST1901 Controller A eth0a
  4     100/1000T  ST1901 Controller B eth0a
  5     100/1000T  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6     100/1000T  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7     100/1000T
  8     100/1000T
  9     100/1000T
  10    100/1000T
  11    100/1000T
  12    100/1000T
  13    100/1000T
  14    100/1000T
  15    100/1000T
  16    100/1000T
  17    100/1000T
  18    100/1000T
  19    100/1000T
  20    100/1000T
  21    100/1000T
  22    100/1000T
  23    100/1000T
  24    100/1000T
  25    100/1000T
  26    100/1000T
  27    100/1000T
  28    100/1000T
  29    100/1000T
  30    100/1000T
  31    100/1000T
  32    100/1000T
  33    100/1000T
  34    100/1000T
  35    100/1000T
  36    100/1000T
  37    100/1000T  FW1901 IPMI
  38    100/1000T  FW1902 IPMI
  39    100/1000T  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  40    100/1000T  HV1901 iLO
  41    100/1000T  HV1902 iLO
  42    100/1000T  HV1903 iLO
  43    100/1000T  HV1904 iLO
  44    100/1000T  Laptop
  45    100/1000T
  46    100/1000T
  47    100/1000T
  48    100/1000T
  A1    SFP+DA1    SW1901 port 1/1/1
  A2    SFP+DA1    SW1902 port 1/1/1


However, I cannot find anything similar to this very useful feature on ArubaOS-CX.


The best I've been able to do is this:


SW1902(config)# alias shn show interface | begin 2 "Interface 1/1/" | exclude "Admin state" | exclude "State information"
SW1902(config)# shn
Interface 1/1/1 is up
 Description: SW1903 port 50
Interface 1/1/2 is up
 Description: ST1901 Controller A tg1b
Interface 1/1/3 is up
 Description: ST1901 Controller B tg1b
Interface 1/1/4 is up
 Description: ST1901 Controller A tg3b
Interface 1/1/5 is up
 Description: ST1901 Controller B tg3b
Interface 1/1/6 is up
 Description: FW1901 ixl3
Interface 1/1/7 is up
 Description: FW1902 ixl3
Interface 1/1/8 is up
 Description: xxxxxxxx 10G-2 (Lower)
Interface 1/1/9 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/10 is up
 Description: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Interface 1/1/11 is up
 Description: Keepalive/L3 to SW1902 port 11
Interface 1/1/12 is up
 Description: Keepalive/L3 to SW1902 port 12
Interface 1/1/13 is up
 Description: HV1901 vmnic5 (vSwitch0)
Interface 1/1/14 is up
 Description: HV1901 vmnic9 (iSCSI2)
Interface 1/1/15 is up
 Description: HV1901 vmnic11 (xxxx-DSwitch)
Interface 1/1/16 is up
 Description: HV1902 vmnic5 (vSwitch0)
Interface 1/1/17 is up
 Description: HV1902 vmnic9 (iSCSI2)
Interface 1/1/18 is up
 Description: HV1902 vmnic11 (xxxx-DSwitch)
Interface 1/1/19 is up
 Description: HV1903 vmnic5 (vSwitch0)
Interface 1/1/20 is up
 Description: HV1903 vmnic9 (iSCSI2)
Interface 1/1/21 is up
 Description: HV1903 vmnic11 (xxxx-DSwitch)
Interface 1/1/22 is up
 Description: HV1904 vmnic5 (vSwitch0)
Interface 1/1/23 is up
 Description: HV1904 vmnic9 (iSCSI2)
Interface 1/1/24 is up
 Description: HV1904 vmnic11 (xxxx-DSwitch)
Interface 1/1/25 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/26 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/27 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/28 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/29 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/30 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/31 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/32 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/33 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/34 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/35 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/36 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/37 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/38 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/39 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/40 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/41 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/42 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/43 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/44 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/45 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/46 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/47 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/48 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/49 is up
 Description: SW1902 port 49
Interface 1/1/50 is up
 Description: SW1902 port 50
Interface 1/1/51 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/52 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/53 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/54 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/55 is down (Administratively down)
Interface 1/1/56 is down (Administratively down)

It would be better if ArubaOS-CX contained a proper "show name" or "show interface description" command rather than having to hack together something like this (which still isn't as compact as I'd like...)

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Re: Show interface descriptions on ArubaOS-CX in CLI

Thanks. The request has been forwarded to product management.

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Re: Show interface descriptions on ArubaOS-CX in CLI

+1 about missing command...


PowerArubaSW: Powershell Module to use Aruba Switch API for Vlan, VlanPorts, LACP, LLDP... More info

PowerArubaCP: Powershell Module to use ClearPass API (create NAD, Guest...) More info

PowerArubaCX: Powershell Module to use ArubaCX API (get interface/vlan/ports info)

PowerArubaIAP: Powershell Module to use Aruba Instant AP

PowerArubaMC: Powershell Module to use Mobility Controller / Master

ACMP 6.4 / ACMX #107 / ACCP 6.5 / ACSP
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Re: Show interface descriptions on ArubaOS-CX in CLI


yeah...and please development don't forget: add/convert new/existing commands with/to tabular formats for their outputs <-- tabulated data are easier to read...but sadly this is not going to happen because somebody will reply: "Mate...CLI is dead, that's it, start using API and learn Python to gather and present data with the structure you like more".

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