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Stacking S1500 Switches

Within my organization, we have decided to standardize on S1500 switches. As we decide to deploy the switches throughout the environment, the issue of stacking switches came up. Just how many S1500 switches can I safely stack/daisy-chain?


Re: Stacking S1500 Switches


It's not so much a quesiton of safety, its a question of performance. We allow up to 8 members in an ArubaStack however the stack links are only 1G so if you have a lot of inter-stack traffic, this can become a bottleneck. The same is true is you only have a single uplink off of one member, it would mean that all user traffic from the other members would have to cross the 1G stack links to get to the uplink.


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Re: Stacking S1500 Switches

A stack can contain up to 8 S1500 switches.

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Re: Stacking S1500 Switches

Thanks. Taking your responses into consideration, I will minimize the stacking as much as I can. It will depend on the switch's distance from the main distribution facility.

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