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Stacking question

Hi, im new to Aruba, i have 6 2930F switches would like to stack, what topology is receommended? also does it support 2 cables for stacking for redundancy purpose? 

Re: Stacking question

A ring topology is always the recommended way to go.


You can configure VSF ports on the 2930F Switch Series either using the 10g or the 1g ports (up to 8).  There are 4 10g ports so you can use all of them for VSF links if you want, however, that will not leave any room for uplinks :).


You can find more information about this in the Management and Config Guide here:







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Re: Stacking question

so technically i can follow the same ring from the top switch to the bottom one like the other link rite? please see the diagram

uplink we have 1 g to firewall..this is for a small office.. also i was wonderign if there is a standard template for the switch config so i can build the config. 

Thanks a lot for the help

Re: Stacking question

Yes, that should work.


There are some solutions on the Aruba Solutions Exchange where you can create customized CLI configuration snippets.





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Re: Stacking question

Excellent.. Thank you so much for your support

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