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Stateful DHCPv6 support for wired networks

It does not seem the stateful DHCPv6 feature is supported for wired networks using Aruba switches. Has anybody had success setting up stateful DHCPv6 for their wired environment?


Switch Model we are using is: 



Software version we are running is:


show version


Image stamp:    /ws/swbuildm/rel_yakima_qaoff/code/build/bom(swbuildm_rel_yakima_qaoff_rel_yakima)

                Nov 21 2018 05:13:08



Boot Image:     Primary


Boot ROM Version:    KB.16.01.0009

Active Boot ROM:     Primary


ADSB-106-MDF(config)# show flash


Image             Size (bytes) Date     Version

----------------- ------------ -------- --------------

Primary Image    :    34017600 11/21/18 KB.16.08.0001        

Secondary Image  :    34017600 11/21/18 KB.16.08.0001       


Boot ROM Version


Primary Boot ROM Version   : KB.16.01.0009

Secondary Boot ROM Version : KB.16.01.0009


Default Boot Image   : Primary

Default Boot ROM     : Primary


Also using the helper command to reach the DHCPv6 server:


Here is the switch configuration:


show running-config vlan 1000



Running configuration:


vlan 1000

   name "PROD"

   tagged 1/20,2/21

   untagged 3/20,3/30

   ip helper-address x.x.x.x

   ip address x.x.x.x

   ip igmp

   ip ospf x.x.x.x passive

   ip ospfx.x.x.x area

   ipv6 enable

   ipv6 address x:x:x:x::1/64

   ipv6 ospf3 passive

   ipv6 ospf3 area

   ipv6 nd ra managed-config-flag

   ipv6 helper-address unicast x:x:x:x::100






We are running dual stack and DHCPv4 works fine. For v6 end user clients get the prefix portion of the network correct, but uses SLAAC to generate the last /64 bit host portion of the address. Even when having the M flag set to 1, clients are not getting assignment from the v6 server.

Aruba Employee

Re: Stateful DHCPv6 support for wired networks

Hi, DHCPv6 stateful does work with ArubaOS-Switch, I've done quite a bit of work on it.

What client OS are you using? Android and, I believe, chromebooks do not support DHCPv6.

Are you able to get a packet capture from the client to see if the DHCPv6 SOLICIT and REPLY are being exchanged?

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