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Third party Switches

Hello my copmany is thinking on buying other brands swithces like cisco and HP to show clients as demo how it works and what they will be able to see if they get airwaves and add those swithces to the airwaves system.


Here are 2 we were looking

  1. Cisco: WS-C2960PD-8TT-L
  2. HP: J9562A

No  my question is; Would i be able to do everything for example

Witht that cisco will i be able to:

up/down inventory

track link oper status and BW

interface stats like multicast/unicast/broadcast traffic

track errors like crc, que drops etc

BW and interface down triggers

Port utilization report to identify unused ports


Identify access vs distribution ports

Upstream device detection and root cause analysis???


Plus configuring cisco switch trhough airwave if i wanted.



And with the HP one

will i ll be able to:

Interface monitoring

CPU Memoery utilization

Interface status and BW monitoring?



Are those model good to show that? or they are not good for that?




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Re: Third party Switches

Both devices should be supported for monitoring.  Of which, only the Cisco switch has management capability from AirWave.


The Cisco 2960 has the ability to do management from the Group -> select group containing Cisco Switch -> templates.  AirWave will show ports as 'interfaces' (for a monitored switch in AirWave: go to switch monitor page, then click into the interfaces tab).  As far as triggers go, there's the 'interface usage' trigger, no specific interface down trigger, but you can get the same by setting an alert when interface usage is 0 for a longer duration period.  And you can use the port usage report to help identify unused ports (unused ports being displayed when you show details for all ports, and then sort by 0 usage).





For the HP switch, you'll only be able to monitor.  But you will get interface monitoring, CPU, and usage stats.


FYI, here are the models I have access to view here in the lab (there may be other switches elsewhere, but these are ones I can physically view and change):

Cisco Catalyst 2960, 3750

HP ProCurve E2620

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Re: Third party Switches

We're monitoring Cisco 2960, Dell 5524 and Dell 3524 switches with Airwave and I find the SNMP lines up pretty well.

We get what we need (MAC or Bridge Table entries for Rogue detection) and link-state/traffic etc.


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Re: Third party Switches

But no crc or other interface error stats and no trap alerts such as BPDU or spanning tree issues etc - correct?


Re: Third party Switches

Correct.  No CRC or other interface errors.  You can get some trap alerts if you find out what the SNMP string is to trigger on.  Custom SNMP alerts are set in System -> Triggers -> add -> type = device event -> under conditions, you have the option to input Event Contents, Event Type, SNMP Trap Category, Syslog Category, and/or Syslog Severity (and/or because you can require multiple conditions to trigger on).


For additional functionality, specifics would need to be required and filed into feature requests via the Ideas Portal on the main support site (support.arubanetworks.com).

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Re: Third party Switches

Thanks Everyone for the reply!!!!

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Re: Third party Switches

I know this is old, but how are you monitoring Dell 5524 in Airwave? I've only been able to add them as Other Switches and nothing is coming thru other than the status.



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