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Training Switches L3

Hi, first time post so hope this is the correct forum?


We are about to replace a number of Cisco switches with Aruba 2920's.


I need to get up to speed with ArubaOS and wish to create a lab and then document. I therefore need to purchase some second user model switches and was looking for advice. I have seen HP 2610's going on eBay for well under £100.00, will these give me a reasonable and fairly comparative solution. Any other suggestions?


The key is the OS, is 2610 Procurve same OS as Aruba 2920?


Thanks Chris

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Re: Training Switches L3

The 2610 is a pretty old switch, and firmware does not go beyond version 11, where 16 is the most recent.


Having said that, the fundament that ArubaOS switch firmware is built on, is the same. So basics will be similar. Modern mobility features are not available on the 2610. But VLAN, trunks, etc should work.


If you can get your hands on a 2930F 8 port switch (JL258A), that is pretty affordable and has all modern features available. It has probably everything that you need in a lab situation.

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