Troubleshooting Inter VRF Route Leaking


InertVRF route leaking is not working in ArubaOS-CX switches.



InterVRF route leaking is configured as follow:


  • Create two VRF

           # vrf RED

           # vrf BLUE

  • Attach the VRFs to the VLANs

          # interface vlan10
          #vrf attach RED
          # ip address

           # interface vlan20
           # vrf attach BLUE
           # ip address

  •  Leak the routes of one VRF in another

          # ip route vlan20 vrf RED << Route Leak
          # ip route vlan10 vrf BLUE << Route Leak



  • Check the configuration, above mentioned configuration of route leak looks good, but still InterVRF routing is not working.
  • Check if the VLAN is Up or not, when verified that vlan was not up. but before configuring InterVRF routing on the switch, vlan was up and ports were assigned to it.
  • whenever we make any changes to the VRF, or attach the vlan to any VRF, that Vlan will loose its configured IP address 
  • Hence everytime we make changes in VRF,  we will not be able to ping vlan's IP which was configured initially but its not present on the switch anymore.
  • we need to configure IP address on that vlan again to get it working.



Best practice while configuring InterVRF route leaking is to first map the VLAN to the vrf and then do all the vlan specific configuration.


For EX:

Create VRF

vrf BLUE
vrf RED

Attach the VLANs to VRF then assign IP to the VLANs

interface vlan10
 vrf attach RED
 ip address
interface vlan20
 vrf attach BLUE
 ip address

Map VLAN to interfaces

interface lag 1
no shutdown
no routing
vlan trunk native 1 tag
vlan trunk allowed 10,20
lacp mode active
interface 1/1/15
 no shutdown
 lag 1
interface 1/1/16
 no shutdown
 lag 1

Leak the routes 

ip route vlan20 vrf RED << Route Leak
ip route vlan10 vrf BLUE << Route Leak

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