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Trunk configuration on HP 5900 to HP 5600

I am trying to create a trunk between the two switches.


On the 5900 I have the following on the interface going to the 5600:

port link-mode bridge
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan all
port trunk pvid vlan 200
stp edged-port


On the 5600 I do not have the interface setup as a trunk, but rather I have untagged it on VLAN 1 and tagged it on the three VLANs I want to pass (3,4,10).


I have another switch with this same configuration that works with no issues, but when I connect devices, they do not pull and IP. I have applied the ip helper-address command, but still it is a no go. I am not sure where I am going wrong because I can remotely access the switch and ping it and all just fine, I just cannot get devices to connect and I think it is something with the tagging...

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Re: Trunk configuration on HP 5900 to HP 5600

HP never did a Switch series called 5600...are you dealing with a ProVision NOS based or with a Comware NOS based one?

Let me suppose you're dealing with an HP ProCurve (ProVision NOS based)...if so the port dedicated to uplink to your HP FlexFabric 5900 Switch should match the tagging the 5900's uplink currently has: untagged member of VLAN 200 (corresponding to pvid vlan 200 on 5900) and tagged member of VLANs 3, 4, 10 (the same list of VlAN ids should be enumerated instead of "all" on 5900's uplink...even if "all" will work too).

The uplink port should not be declared (Comware NOS based) stp edged-port since it is used for link to other Switch and not for Access. Equally on ProVision NOS based I expect a uplink port to be configured as point-to-point on spanning-tree (instead of admin-edge).
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Re: Trunk configuration on HP 5900 to HP 5600

Sorry, I am not sure what I was thinking of, it is not a 5600, it is a 5400 (E5406)...


I removed the edged-port from the interface, but it did not help. I did have the interface on the 5406 setup as a trunk at one point with it untagged/ tagged on the same VLANs as the 5900 and that did not seem to do anything either so I removed the trunk on the 5406 and just untagged/ tagged the uplink interface accordingly.


The 5900 is a Comware. 

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Re: Trunk configuration on HP 5900 to HP 5600

To avoid misunderstandings and waste of time sanitized running configurations of both involved Switches would greatly help to understand how you configured them and where the culprit of the issue you're experiencing would really be...

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Re: Trunk configuration on HP 5900 to HP 5600

I do have a default gateway which should be the correct one. 


Before posting the configs, I did find a link to a setup process from Parnassus with Provision and Comware I am going to go through. Before that I need to do some more investigating though, the 5900 is the main switch and it is running OSPF. Currently there are 3 other switches connected to it that have no OSPF on them in the config plus two are set up as access ports on the 5900 and one is a trunk... I want to say it might be something with the bridge aggregation...

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Re: Trunk configuration on HP 5900 to HP 5600

I tried the config of the Bridge Aggregation and such that I found in another forum. That did not do it. I did follow these steps in order as well.


I am looking into the routing. I tried to do a tracert and got an error 1231. I assigned an ip to the one VLAN and I am able to pull an ip. I can ping the switch and gateway and I can remotely access the switch. I am jsut not able to go online. I am thinking it is something with my routing. I was thinking it might be how I have NAT set up also. 


If I can't get it after looking into the routing and NAT, I will come back with sanitized configs and see if anyone sees anything I am missing.

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