Tunneled Node Server Failover

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How to configure "Tunneled Node Server Failover" in Mobility access switch?


Starting ArubaOS 7.1.1, user can specify a back-up controller in case the primary controller fails. When tunneled node server failover is configured (i.e. back-up controller is specified by configuration), the controllers will be checked for reachability periodically at 30 seconds interval (not user configurable at the time of release)


  • Two attempts will be made before failover takes place while the back-up controller is reachable


Tunneled Node Server Failover – Configuration


  • Back-up controller can be specified in the tunneled-node profile:

(ArubaS3500)(config) #interface-profile tunneled-node-profile TUNNELED_FAILOVER
(ArubaS3500)(Tunneled Node Server profile "TUNNELED_FAILOVER") #controller-ip
(ArubaS3500)(Tunneled Node Server profile "TUNNELED_FAILOVER") #backup-controller-ip
(ArubaS3500)(Tunneled Node Server profile "TUNNELED_FAILOVER") #exit


Tunneled node server failover (back-up controller) can be verified using following CLI command:

ArubaS3500)#show interface-profile tunneled-node-profile TUNNELED_FAILOVER

Tunneled Node Server profile "TUNNELED_FAILOVER"
Parameter                     Value
---------                     -----
Controller IP Address
Backup Controller IP Address
Keepalive timeout in seconds  10
MTU on path to controller     1400

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