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Two 5400R VSF and Distributed Trunking

Hi all,
I have a question regarding VSF and distributed trunking.
At the moment I wasn´t able to find the requested information for my problem.

We have four 5406R switches.
Two in data center 1 and the other two in data center 2.

The Access switches are now connected to each data center with one link in active-passive mode.
(the second link is blocked by spanning-tree)

Now we are thinking about creating a VSF pair for each data center.
The pivotal question is, if it is possbile and supported to create a Distributed trunking pair out of the two VSF clusters.

That would allow us to connect the Access switch with a single LACP trunk with one link at data center 1 and the second at data center 2.


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Re: Two 5400R VSF and Distributed Trunking

No, see PPT extract:

VSF system
Mutually exclusive with:
- QinQ
- Distributed Trunking & meshing
- Second Management Module in each chassis
Same 5406R and 5412R models must be used

FYI, for others looking, you may also want to search the HPE support forums under networking - there is a lot of ProCurve/AOSS material there (I see Xerox has posted there too!)




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Re: Two 5400R VSF and Distributed Trunking

Hi Richard,


thanks a lot for the explanation.

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