Unable to provision switches to Aruba Central

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MVP Expert

Unable to provision the Switches to the Aruba Central


1. Checked the firmware on the Switch.

2. Firmware version of the Switch was: YC.16.05.0004

3. The minimum version for a Switch to get added to the Aruba Central is YC.16.05.0007.

4. Hence, tried upgrading the Switch to the YC.16.06.0006 but we failed.

5. Checked the running configuration and found that the "aruba-central enable" command on the Switch was not allowing the Switch to get accessed via Web-GUI and also TFTP upgrade was failing.


1. Disabled the Aruba Central via the command: "aruba-central disable" and enabled TFTP Server via the command "tftp server" on the Switch.

2. The above command allowed us to upgrade the firmware to the latest version via TFTP and Web method.

3. As soon as the Switch is upgraded to the YC.16.06.0006, we enabled the "aruba-central enable" command on the Switch.

4. Hence, it was visible on the Aruba Central.

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