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User Roles disappeared after rebooting the controller

I have lost the user roles comfigured after rebooting the controller.

I've recreated the roles, saved the config's and rebooted the comtroller again, and the roles disappeared again.

have anyone faces the same issue.

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Re: User Roles disappeared after rebooting the controller

What may have happened is that your PEFNG licenses expired or was removed. In the case there is no PEFNG license active when the controller boots up, all commands that define roles are ignored which can be one reason for what you see.


It might be that the roles are still in the config (unless you saved the configuration), and adding a PEFNG license, then reboot (without config save) recovers. If that works depends on if you saved the config while running without PEFNG license.


If you still have your PEFNG license and experience roles disappearing; please open an Aruba TAC case, as that is definitely not normal.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: User Roles disappeared after rebooting the controller

Hi Herman.... It look like issue was related to NTP. time was not matching between master and local. once I've fixed the issue all looks fine. I'll reboot the MC's one more time and confirm.

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