VLAN mirroring


VLAN mirroring supported switches and how to configure VLAN mirroring?


VLAN mirroring are only supported on switch models like 2930M/F, 3810, 5400 series and above. Following switch models, 2530, 2540 and 2920 doesn't support VLAN mirroring. Below is how VLAN mirroring can be configured. This example is from a 2930F switch running WC.16.05.0004.


# mirror <mirroring profile 1-4> port <Destination port>
# mirror 2 port 1/4

# vlan 10
monitor all both mirror 2

# show monitor 2
Network Monitoring

   Session: 2    Session Name:
      Mirror Destination:  1/4   (Port)

      Monitoring Sources  Direction Truncation Mirror Policy
      ------------------  --------- ---------- -------------
      VLAN: 10            Both       No         -
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Is there a way to mirror multiple VLANs to one session?


Like having VLANs 10,17,64,72, and 4000 in session 2


I tried the steps above and it seems like I'm just overwriting the previous VLAN.

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