Verify Activate status on Aruba Switches


Provision and manage Aruba HPE switches through Aruba Activate.


Aruba Activate is a cloud-based service that helps provision Aruba HPE switches and as well as maintain the inventory.


Ensure is reachable from the Aruba HPE switch.


HP-2530-48G# ping is alive, time = 146 ms


Execute show activate provision to verify the activate status


HP-2530-48G# show activate provision

 Configuration and Status - Activate Provision Service

  Activate Provision Service   : Enabled
  Activate Server Address      :
  Activation Key               : XXXXXXXXX


If "Activate Provision Service" is found to be not enabled, execute "activate provision force" as below to provision the switch forcefully to Aruba Activate.


HP-2530-48G# activate provision force


Note:Minimum software version required for Aruba HPE switches is 16.04.0008 and above.  As of today Aruba HPE switches 2500, 2900, 3800 and 5400 are supported on Activate.

HP-2530-48G# sh log -r

I 02/28/18 22:36:24 05223 activate: Successfully established connection with the
            Activate server;parsing final provision service response.
I 02/28/18 22:36:23 05226 activate: Successfully resolved the Activate server
            address to
I 02/28/18 22:36:23 05603 activate: EST enrollment with server successful.
            Establishing connection with activate server.
I 02/28/18 22:36:23 03406 crypto: CA-signed certificate "IDEVID_CERT" installed
            on Trust Anchor Profile "IDEVID_ROOT" for usage "IDEVID".
I 02/28/18 22:36:09 05601 activate: EST provision with activate server
            successful. Establishing connection with EST server.
I 02/28/18 22:36:07 05226 activate: Successfully resolved the Activate server
            address to


In the above output, we could see the resolution to was successful. Hence connection to Aruba Activate was successfully established.

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so what to do if it suddenly (after fw update) starts saying activation key: not available????

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