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What are conditions to be kept in mind while setting up NAT pool in MAS?

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In order to protect private IPs of trusted servers behind MAS, traffic should be allowed to be initiated from either side. As of Release, session ACLs is supported on user-roles only. With Release, we will support session ACLs for trusted ports also.


  • Session ACL and stateless Ingress ACL cannot co-exist on an RVI.
  • Intended use of session ACL with NAT pools is for trusted ports. If there is a configuration of session ACL on RVI with untrusted ports, Session ACL on RVI takes precedence over user-role ACLs
  • The “dynamic-srcnat” pool found on the controller is not supported on MAS. 
  • Maximum user defined NAT pools is 59
  • NAT priority is; 

           i) User defined NAT via Session ACLs
           ii)NAT inside

  • NAT pool can be associated with src-nat and dual-nat option.
  • Session ACL with NAT pool applied to Ingress RVI
  • Session ACL with destination NAT rule applied to Egress RVI.
  • TRAP rule programmed in TCAM to trap packets requiring NAT action to software.
  • Case of 1:1 NAT mapping.
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