What is ArubaStack and what are its benefits?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :  This article applies to Aruba S2500/S3500 Mobility Access Switches


Aruba Stacking technology allows Aruba Mobility Access Switches (MAS) to be connected together to act like a single chassis. This allows all the units to share a single management IP address and allows to use a single image to be upgrade on all the units and has a single configuration file. Once connected the Aruba Stacking Protocol assigns role and the unit numbers to all the members of the stack.





The benefits of an ArubaStack include:


-  Single IP management – operation benefit


-  Optimized forwarding within the stack –the stack provides chassis-like port-
    density without the overhead and initial investment chassis requires


-  Single image and configuration for the entire stack – even though there are
    different physical devices.


-  The stack will appear as a single device for licensing purposes to an Aruba
    Mobility Controller and AirWave


-  The ArubaStack may be extended across wiring closets or buildings, providing
    flexibility in deployment of the number of uplinks and bandwidth per stack.
    Capital expense savings may be realized in the core of customer networks due
    to fewer uplinks.




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