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What is LACP independent mode? How do i enable it?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: What is LACP independent mode? How do i enable it?


 MAS: 7.3.1.x
There are instance that one end supports LACP but other end does not, ether-channel cannot form. In some cases this behavior is undesirable. Incompatible ports are put in independent state, and continue to carry traffic like any other port.
The Interface runs as independent when Lacp-profile has independent state enabled and LACP PDU’s are not received from neighbor; Inherits the switching profile configured on the parent port-channel.
Continues to send the LACP PDU’s periodically. Mac-address is learned on physical interface, lldp profile can be configured.
Note: Interface profiles can not be modified on Interface running as Independent.
Enable independent-mode operation in lacp-profile
(S3500) (config) #interface-profile lacp-profile lacp-independent
(S3500) (LACP "lacp-independent ") #independent-state.

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