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Why IP Address Is Shown As "N/A" In Port-Access Client Output?

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MVP Expert

Why IP address is shown as "n/a" in port-access client output, specifically when the client has ip address?

Switch-5412# sh port-acc cli g4,i9
Downloaded user roles are preceded by *
 Port Access Client Status
  Port  Client Name   MAC Address       IP Address      User Role         Type  VLAN
  ----- ------------- ----------------- --------------- ----------------- ----- -------------------------------------------------------
  G4    Test1...              0021a0-2678cd          n/a             *TS_cisc... 8021X
  I9    Test2...               0021a0-3768ae           n/a             *TS_cisc... 8021X


1) If “dhcp-snooping” is enabled, we should check the “sh dhcp-snooping binding” table. If entry is there we will display the IP address of the client in “show port-access client” o/p.

2) During switch reboot, some clients like windows PC will be authenticated and IP address of the client will be renewed. So that dhcp-binding table will be updated in switch.

3) But some clients will be authenticated after switch reboot and IP address will not be renewed in clients during authentication and it will have the existing assigned IP address. So that dhcp-snooping table will not be updated in switch.

It also depends upon the client behaviour.

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