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Wired AP Profile Question

 Hey Guys,

So I have a interesting problem, and I am hoping someone can offer a solution. First, a little background. We are a college campus, with AP's in the hallways of our dormitories. We are getting ready to make the switch to a in the room deployment using AP-205Hs. (After doing a few we are seeing much better results). However, our security adminstrator is concerned. On our switches, we have it setup so only 1 mac address can be seen on a port, or else it auto disables. We have it setup to prevent someone from plugging in their own hub or switch.

You can probably guess where I am going with this, however, with the 205H's going over the data jacks, one being used to power the AP, the other being used through the pass through port. I would like to enable one of the enet jacks on the 205H so the students can still have their 2 DJs, however, I'm not sure if their is a way to limit that enet 1 port to one mac address. 

Long story short, is there a way to limit how many mac address the AP will let through on the Enet ports before it disables? If so, could you explain how?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Chris W

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