Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

Aruba Employee

Wired Enforcement of Local and Downloadable user roles

The main objective of these guides are for easy/quick demo of ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) wired dot1x, MAC authentication, Guest Captive portal and local/downloadable user roles for Aruba switches. 

The demonstration goals are

  • Performing wired dot1x with Aruba Switches using Local and Downloadable user roles
  • AD based dot-1x authentication and user-role assignment for user being staff1, student1 and exec1
  • MAC authentication and MAC caching with  automatic captive portal redirection
  • Profiling/MAC Auth and Dot1x authentication of Instant APs with Local and downloadable user roles

hope you find it useful.



Aruba Employee

Re: Wired Enforcement of Local and Downloadable user roles

attached PDF includes all the new features of Aruba Switch OS 16.08 that is relevant for LUR/DURs with ClearPass v6.7.9



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