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ZTP for Aruba 3810M w/ Cisco Router as DHCP server

Has anyone come across a working Cisco ISR 2911 configuration to get ZTP to work for an Aruba3810M?


We have the following configured


ip dhcp pool <DHCP Pool name>

network <network> <subnet mask>

dns-server <DNS server IP>

domain-name <Domain name>

option 60 ascii "ArubaInstantAP"

option 43 ascii "<Group>:<Folder>,<Amp-IP>,<AMP-shared-secret>


We've verified that a factory default switch will receive it's IP address via dhcp; however, there is not information in show amp-server, the switch does not appear in DHCP, and the switch logs show that it still reaches out the Activate (end user does not want infrastructure devices reaching externally).


Any suggestions or things I should check.


P.S. when i do show ip, dns server nor domain name appear. So I'm thinking the switch is not accepting any DHCP options.



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Re: ZTP for Aruba 3810M w/ Cisco Router as DHCP server



We changed the option 60 from string to hex, and kept option 43 as a string.


show amp-server now shows the correct information.


Anyone else can confirm this result?

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