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need an in-wall broadband wireless router

need a braodband wireless router with an in-wall (US 1-gang wall plate) form factor.

Input ports:

1) an RJ45 passthrough female port,

2) an RJ45 WAN PPPOE connection 

Output Ports: 

a) Passthroiuggh RJ45 from the input

b) Rj45 10/100/1000 LAN port

c) 802.11 b/g/n  (or 802.11 ac)


See the function desired in the pictire below: 






Re: need an in-wall broadband wireless router

Have a look at the hospitality models here.





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Re: need an in-wall broadband wireless router

Hi Michael, 


Thanks for your reply, but unless it is not documented, none of the ones listed support PPPOE WAN connection. They support POE as power source, but my WAN interface is a DSL/Cable device which requires PPPOE authentocation.  Please advise. 





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Re: need an in-wall broadband wireless router

not quite sure you have come at the right place here. have a look at the general things HPE Aruba offers and broadband wireless routers aren't one of them.


what is suggested is using an Access Point which might come close enough to your wishes. in there instant mode (standalone mode not controller required) there uplink port can be connected to PPPoE




i have a bit doubt about the passthrough though, but to unfamiliar to be sure about it.


if i were you i would contact your local Aruba sales team and discuss this in more depth with them. i assume this isn't for one so they will probably be interested enough :)

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Re: need an in-wall broadband wireless router