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per port tunnelling protocol Chromecast issues

Small problem with a chromwcxast 4K device.


1). wifi can cast to it and screen cast from android phone works o.k

2). wired connection into ethernet port on an AP  same thing works just fine

3). wired connection into 2930 switch port configured as Port to Port T/unnelling protocol, I can you tube cast o.k. from iphone and android but can't screen cast to device. Seem to get 1st page of something and then nothing else or get a blank screen.


In all cases the chromecast device has the same role/policies applied  irrespective of whether its aa wired / wireless connection.


Anyone seen issues with castingf to PPTP connected devices ?


Switch running






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Re: per port tunnelling protocol Chromecast issues

Can you help with what type of Cromecast model you are using with this unit?


Re: per port tunnelling protocol Chromecast issues

Chrome cast 4K running latest software

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