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source-interface for http and https traffic on 2930 switch




Is it possible on Aruba 2930 switches to configure the source-interface for HTTP and HTTPS traffic?
I'm using Clearpass for Radius authentication and I have the source-interface for radius communication configured with the command "ip source interface all vlan x"
I'm now implementing DUR and I've noticed that for Http and Https traffic to the Clearpass server the switch is using it's IP address from the outgoing interface, which is different than the source-interface for Radius.
Firewall rules are currently blocking the http and https trafic from the switch's outgoing IP to Clearpass.
Is it possible to change the source-interface or is this a limitation on the 2930 switch?
Is my only option to change the firewall rules?

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Re: source-interface for http and https traffic on 2930 switch

Source interface command is selected only for below features 


Aruba-2930F-24G-PoEP-4SFP(config)# ip source-interface
radius    The RADIUS protocol.
sntp       The SNTP protocol.
syslog   The syslog protocol.
tacacs   The TACACS+ protocol.
telnet     The Telnet protocol.
tftp         The TFTP protocol.
sflow      The sFlow protocol.
tunneled-node-server The Tunneled Node Server protocol.
radsec The RADIUS protocol using TLS over TCP.
all All protocols above.


The option all means all the features mentioned above. There is no option for http/https.