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vsf setting and usage of Aruba 2930F

We are going to purchase 2 x 2930F switch and use vsf to form a stack. Considering the actual requirement, we have some technical questions.

1. The switches are going to be located on different floor and connect by the fiber cable. Can a single fiber cable be used to setup vsf and transmitting the network traffice? Does it need seperate cable for vsf stacking and traffic?

2. Is the vsf on 2930F function similar as the modular backplane stack cable, the larger the line rate (e.g. use 10G SFP+ interface), the more the backpane bandwidth it can offer between the stack member?


Thank very much.



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Re: vsf setting and usage of Aruba 2930F

Hi @tomohk,

VSF between two Aruba 2930F can be deployed using a VSF Chain Topology (VSF logical port 1 on Member A <---> VSF logical port 1 on Member B), you can use a single physical interface bound to the VSF logical port (on each side) or, if you can reserve more physical similar interfaces, you can aggregate more ports together as VSF logical port's members.

In your scenario (just one single 10 Gbps link between A and B) you:

  1. can use that single link and bind it to the VSF logical port you're going to create (on each side). The VSF port carries all the traffic between the daisy chained VSF Members so you don't need anything more than that.
  2. basically yes, VSF is a software implementation Virtual Switching technology that uses frontplane traditional 1G/10G/40G Ethernet ports (40G on selected Aruba models) instead of using dedicated backplane stacking ports (through dedicated stacking cables and stacking modules). The more you bind the better the VSF link resiliency and throughput (basically as it happens when you use dual stacking cables - instead of just a single one - from a 2-ports stacking module on Switch 1 to a 2-ports stacking module on Switch 2...see Aruba 2920 as example).
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Re: vsf setting and usage of Aruba 2930F

Hi Parnassus,


Many thanks for the thorough explanation of the questions. Much appreciated! :) 

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