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what rights / abilities do the five mgmt-roles in the mas 3500 have

ROLE                DESCRIPTION
----                -----------
root                Super user role
read-only           Read only commands
location-api-mgmt   location-api-mgmt
network-operations  network-operations
guest-provisioning  guest-provisioning


I've scrubbed the boards and documents and nothing i stumbled across better defines these rights.

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Re: what rights / abilities do the five mgmt-roles in the mas 3500 have

guest-provisioning: Allows the user to create guest accounts on a special WebUI page. You can log into the CLI; however, you cannot use any CLI commands.


location-api-mgmtPermits access to location API information. You can log into the CLI; however, you cannot use any CLI commands.


network-operations: Permits access to Monitoring, Reports, and Events pages in the WebUI. You can log into the CLI; however, you can only use a subset of CLI commands to monitor the Mobility Access Switch.


read-only: Permits access to CLI show commands or WebUI monitoring pages only.


root: Permits access to all management functions on the Mobility Access Switch.

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