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2.4GHz slow , connection drops

We have 52 of the 205 AP's on our site and all were working perfectly until we had a powercut last weekend. All the AP's rebooted, however our 2.4ghz devices are having a terrible time connecting. Even when they do connect the bandwidth is terrible and unusable, and the connection is susptable to drop.


The 5GHz band is fine though, which is a puzzle. The system has simply powercycled and 2.4ghz no longer works. Is this because all the AP's powerd up together and have auto assigned 2.4GHz channels incorrectly?


Any help would be greatly appriciated.


We're using version, although there is an update available.

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Re: 2.4GHz slow , connection drops

Please PM me your tech support so I can take a look.

Go to Support and Click on AP Tech Support dump and click on RUN.  Copy the text and send it to me..


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Re: 2.4GHz slow , connection drops

I've attached the output file.... Thanks :)


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