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2 Seperate Controllers on the same network



Due to a lightening strike, i was forced to purchase some new AP's.  I was quoted the exact same price for AP105's and 205's.  I have a hard time buying the older tech when its the exact same price, so i got the 205's.  my controller is a 7210 running  I know the version needed for 205's is 6.4.1.  I am a little tentative to put the early release software on my main environement so i would like to do is use my 3200 controller which was siting on a shelf unused just for the 205's till 6.4.1 goes GA. 


Ideally i would like to make it a local conroller off the main one but i am guessing that having the local at a higher release then the master is a no-no, but maybe someone will make my day and this option will work.


Option 2 would just be to run the controller independently, and i would need to recreate my vap's on the controller.  The problem with this one, is how do i tell my ap's that they need to talk to this controller, not the main 7210?  less then ideal but would work in a pinch. 


Normally i would just have waited a few months to et the 205's but the lightning strike depleted my spares so the 205's are all i have. 





Re: 2 Seperate Controllers on the same network

Not recommended to have the controllers linked together on different versions.  There will be (probably) differences in command syntax or commands removed in 6.4 that could be pushed down from the 6.3 controller.


You would be better off doing the following....in my opinion.


  • On the 3200 put on (I assume it is the XM model or has had the memory upgrade)
  • Add it as a local controller to your 7210 so that it gets the configuration.
  • Change it to be a master controller (# no masterip)
  • Remove adp discovery from the 3200 to prevent your existing APs from finding the 3200.  (# adp discovery disable)
  • Change other bits of config as necessary, like the lms-ip in the ap-system profile.
  • Upgrade 3200 to 6.4.1
  • On your AP205, via a console cable as it is booting up, manually set the master to be that of the 3200.

Your AP205 should then come up on the 3200 controller running 6.4.1 and you can test away.




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