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2000 wifi clients max daily, VLAN Pool of /24's or one big /20?

Hello, thanks for your help.  We max out at peak time during the day usually around 2,000 wifi users.  I'd like to just use a /20 vlan (some room for future growth) for the SSID but is it better to use several /24's in a "vlan pool"?  I'm concerned about the exhaustion of the /24s.  Currently we have twenty /24's in a vlan pool which should be plenty of space but does the Aruba controller know not to overload a /24 when it is full (if that makes any sense)?  For simplicity would it be better to run a /20 with "drop multicast and broadcast" selected?  Thanks.

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Re: 2000 wifi clients max daily, VLAN Pool of /24's or one big /20?

Whatever is easier administratively to you. Running drop broadcast and multicast should mitigate any broadcast issues you have.

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